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Question #1: AI – Who Has the Most Data?

AI raises many questions not just about who controls the amount of data but also about who might be vacuuming up and using which types of data—such as ionized sky data or human and financial data. Do different entities—U.S. government contractors, CERN, the Asians, intelligent life on- or off-planet—have control over different pieces? Is CERN—with its colliders and massive computing power—conducting data correlation experiments at a planetary level?

Question #2: What Happens If and When Kavanaugh Is Confirmed?

One of the oddest moments in the Kavanaugh hearings was the exchange between Kavanaugh and Senator Lindsey Graham about military law versus criminal law. Will Kavanaugh’s confirmation mean an acceleration of purges?

Question #3: Can the 5% Still Make a Difference Before a “Lockdown?”

The growing consolidation of central control through AI, control of the Internet, 5G, and “divide and conquer” tactics suggests that someone wants us in lockdown. There is a big role to be played by the five percent of us who are awake (think Solari subscribers!)—most importantly, continuing to hold out the vision of a positive human future and encouraging others to jump on the pro-human bandwagon.

Question #4: Where Will We Be in 2030?

Looking at trends in AI, robotics, technology, space, and the rise of Asia, it is hard to picture the world we will live in 12 years from now. Let’s hope a major war is not part of the agenda, because it would not look like any other war in human history.

Question #5: What Was Up with Sunspot, New Mexico?

The mysterious short-term shutdown of the solar observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico—a facility designed for the U.S. Air Force—generated all sorts of theories. The many strange elements of the shutdown—Black Hawk helicopters, the closing of the local post office, the telescope’s sophisticated “adaptive optics” capabilities—suggest a deeper story than meets the eye.

Question #6: What Was Up with the Death of Queen Elizabeth’s and George H.W. Bush’s Doctors and Subsequent Death of Person Accused of the Latter?

The shooting of George H.W. Bush’s doctor (followed by the suicide of the accused shooter) and the “accidental” death of Queen Elizabeth’s doctor were suspicious, to say the least. Do they reflect an attempt at “housecleaning” or were they intended to send a message?

Question #7: Did the G7 Leadership Get Major Kickbacks on the Iran Deal?

What was John Kerry—whose claim to fame as Secretary of State under Obama was the Iran nuclear deal—doing in Iran earlier this year? Did Kerry, Obama, Merkel, and others get kickbacks when the deal was struck, as the Iranians claim and has been rumored? Do European leaders want to stick with the Iran deal so that they don’t have to give back the money?


Europe provided one source of inspiration after another this summer: the Sofia Opera House’s production of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, organ concerts everywhere, the Chartres cathedral, and Mont Saint-Michel. Being free to travel around the world trying to understand what is really going on is a deeply moving journey.

3rd Quarter Solari Heroes

  • September 20: Elvis Presley – The greatest neighbor
  • September 13: The Asheville line-up: Dr. Mark Skidmore, Jon Rappoport, Alan Phillips, and more
  • September 6: Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde; Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree: Court win
  • August 23: California firefighters
  • August 16: Aretha Franklin and Brazilian surfer Rodrigo Koxa
  • August 9: Colonel Welborn Barton Griffith, Jr.
  • August 2: Jonathan Gold
  • July 19: President Donald Trump for historic Helsinki Summit and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  • July 12: Clifford Carnicom
  • July 5: Christi Cameron: The Best Little Fireworks Stand in Texas

Food for the Soul Series:


Two friends in North Carolina—one an avid Republican and one an avid Democrat—came together to build a dyke that kept their town safe during Hurricane Florence. This story was a wonderful reminder about what we gain when we get past “divide and conquer.”

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