Trump Report Card

Category Catherine’s 2017 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q1 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q2 Grade Catherine’s 2018 Q3 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2017 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q1 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q2 Grade Dr. Farrell’s 2018 Q3 Grade
Vision B- C B- B- B- C- C B-
Recruiting a Team B- D+ D+ D+ C D+ D- D+
Building a Team D D- D D C D- D- D
Accomplishments To-Date B+ B+ B+ A- B A- A- A-
Effort B A A A A A A-
Communication C+ C+ C+ B- C+ B- B- B-
War Games (Mapping the Swamp) C- B B B+ B B B+ B+
Building Bottom-Up Support D C+ C+ B- C- C C B-
Introducing Important Change B B- B- B C C C B
Building Bridges Internationally C- C- C+ C+ C- B- B-
Building Bridges Domestically F D- C- C D D C C
Managing the Executive Branch Bureaucracy C- C- C C C / C- C- C C
Grand Strategy for America and Our Role In the World Too Early To Grade Too Early To Grade Too Early To Grade C A- B- C+ B-
Managing the Federal Budget and Contracting Budget F F F F F F F F
Staying Physically and Emotionally Healthy B- B- B- B- B+ B B B
Growing in the Job B- B- B A- B / B- B- B A-


  1. I love this report card! It is always the first thing I look at. I have many friends in the “mainstream worldview” and many in the “Extraterrestrial aware” world so I am always curious about how you two grade Trump. Looks like he is growing the job according to you two.

    I also really appreciate that you two give different grades. Very refreshing. Real journalism. Sooooo refreshing…

    I would love to see such a report on the Canadian Prime Minister. I know you guys are super busy with mapping out US / global politics and don’t have time at the current rate of change. Hopefully we can get to that some day!

    Keep up the great work Catherine and Joseph.

    My next task is to find Dr. Farrell’s work on the dangers of breakthrough energy technology. I keep asking myself the question… What type of business model is needed for breakthrough energy technology to serve as a turning point towards positive economic change that benefits many people. Would you guys consider doing a segment on that? I’m going to start a Youtube channel to start having those conversations from a Canadian perspective. Ive taken a few years to really research global economics and the ET hypothesis and I’m focused on creating solutions now as a small entrepreneur to do my best to create space for an expanded conversation. I’m going to start with getting the input from my business minded friends and my professors as a starting point. I would love your view at some point.. somehow.. in some way!

    Much appreciated.


    • Karen:

      Great idea to get lots of input before you begin. My advice is to remember how much people are being drained. So they need “actionable intelligence” that helps them use their time and resources wisely. Keep it grounded, keep it useful.

      I will plan on discussing the breakthrough energy question with Dr. Farrell on the annual wrap up.


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