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People living in vigorous cultures typically treasure those cultures and resist any threat to them. How and why can a people so totally discard a formerly vital culture that it becomes literally lost? This is a question that has practical importance for us here in North America, and possibly in Western Europe as well. Dark Ages are instructive, precisely because they are extreme examples of cultural collapse and thus more clear-cut and vivid than gradual decay. The purpose of this book is to help our culture avoid sliding into a dead end, by understanding how such a tragedy comes about, and thereby what can be done to ward it off and thus retain and further develop our living, functioning culture, which contains so much of value, so hard won by our forebears.”

~Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead

The 3rd Quarter was a busy time at The Solari Report. I reoriented Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC to focus entirely on investment screens. This improved my ability to manage my time—making it easier to travel and increasing the time I invest in publishing The Solari Report.

Change is accelerating. I want The Solari Report to find and give our subscribers access to the highest integrity people with the most useful intelligence available. There is so much to do—it is a matter of earning the resources to reinvest and networking to make it happen.

During 2018, we launched our Future Science Series, hosted by Ulrike Granögger, and our Wellness Series with Brigitte Mouchet, while the Food Series launched in 2016 with Harry Blazer has blossomed into an impressive, growing collection. One of my goals for 2019 is to selectively expand the number of outstanding hosts and regular guests from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

During the last few months, I had the opportunity to do more road tripping in America. I also had a chance to spend quality time with Thomas Meyer and his wonderful family in Basel, Switzerland after attending a workshop given by Ulrike in Amsterdam. Look for another interview with Thomas to be posted soon.

While there have been many events of interest since I wrote the closing to the 2nd Quarter 2018 Wrap Up, I want to share my thoughts about the delivery of Dr. Joseph Farrell’s organ and why your support of the Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Pipe Organ Crowdfund has meant so much to me.

In early 2016, I was visiting with Joseph on a drive to the West Coast. Joseph was a talented composer without benefit of his instrument of choice—a pipe organ. I realized that he would be much happier if he had one. I was convinced that his audience would be happy to help such a dream come true. I was also convinced that everything Joseph was saying about the importance of preserving our culture was absolutely true. However, I was struggling for actions that the Solari team could take to help contribute.

I am at heart an investment banker, and investment bankers connect people who have money with an entrepreneur’s vision—ideally in a manner that creates wholly new value for all concerned. For some reason that I have never quite understood, my intuitive sense for opportunities to create this kind of connection almost always seems to work. This pipe organ project seemed achievable, and there was a great big “value proposition.”

I asked Joseph’s dear friend Chuck McCorkle, who is a capable and experienced businessman, if he would design and negotiate what was a highly complicated contract for a custom-built digital pipe organ. Chuck agreed to help, and Joseph agreed to let us try.

Something happened. Call it spiritual or call it energetic. Many members of our network pitched in to create a dedicated website and related videos and audios. A chord had been struck—inspiring all of us to gather to fight for our culture by acquiring this organ for Joseph.

I started to learn about the organ and to listen to organ music. Subscribers started to listen to more classical and organ music. As I traveled, members of our network would go out of their way to take me to organ concerts. As one person said, “This organ thing is really happening.”

One aspect was particular to America. The 2016 presidential campaign involved significant cultural debasement. Focusing on the design and acquisition of a digital pipe organ was so phenomenally esoteric—given what was happening in politics—that the crowdfund became a marvelous community and place in our imagination where we could go to be involved in something positive and wholly divorced from the culture wars. While America seemed to go low, I got high on Bach and organ music. When I launched the project, I had no idea of the extent to which I would find refuge in the spirit created by the group that gathered to participate and make the crowdfund a success.

Another aspect was the spiritual experience I had in the process. My intuition kept telling me that spiritual forces wanted to compose through Joseph—but they needed him to have his instrument. I also felt that he was in the process of leading us in the rebuilding of our morphogenic field. Sometimes, when I sat and spoke with him, I had visions of him playing the organ. As he played (in my visions), the music would energetically start to help rebuild our community field and lift it back up to a higher mind. I felt as if JS or CP Bach were tapping on my shoulder, saying, “Will you hurry up and get this guy an organ? We have compositions that urgently need to get through.”

I believed that whatever might happen once Joseph had his organ sitting in his living room was between him and the divine intelligence. I would leave it to them to see what they wanted to create. I asked that Joseph simply enjoy the process of relearning how to play the organ.

Whatever wants to happen, it emerges from our joy.

The fundraising was an enormous success, thanks to the many members of Giza Death Star and subscribers of The Solari Report who made it so, including the lead match donors who, at each phase, sent a strong signal that inspired wider support.

Our full accounting is on the crowdfund website. We raised $33,869.48 from 137 donors and enjoyed one dinner in Oklahoma and a lunch in Kentucky. Many members and subscribers came from far and wide. Along the way, Kathy Churay managed our MailChimp and Jon Rappoport recorded an audio on the importance of music to bring us together in a higher mind.

When we ordered the organ and paid the deposit, we expected Joseph’s organ to arrive in several months. Alas, our organ master ran into significant problems faced by a growing business. The delivery period stretched to over a year.

Waiting was a painful process. The actual delivery was cancelled and rescheduled several times—wreaking havoc with the schedules of all involved. This was spiritual warfare! It persuaded me, again, that something quite powerful was happening.

Over the last two years, Joseph has given me several CDs of organ and harpsichord music and has introduced me to numerous composers and compositions. My travels through the cathedrals of Europe have offered me more opportunities to hear world-class organists play. These experiences have reinvigorated and expanded my understanding of music and its healing powers.

I never thought—when I suggested to Chuck and Joseph that we do a crowdfund for a digital pipe organ—that the journey would transform the way that I view the world and the importance and power of culture.

As an investment banker, I have designed and led approximately $25 billion of transactions. Some involved financings that top Wall Street financiers opined could not be done, landing me on the front page of the top newspapers and in the top business magazines in the country. Some were critically important endeavors that helped me make an enormous difference in good institutions and good people’s lives. The Dr. Joseph P. Farrell Pipe Organ Crowdfund is the smallest “deal” I have ever done. However, of all the transactions I have created and closed in my life, not one has taught me more or touched me more deeply. I am profoundly grateful to the donors for their confidence in Joseph, Chuck, and me to “get ‘er done.”

When I told the Solari team that we were going to do this, I underestimated the work that I would add to their plates. They did a tremendous job without complaint, capturing the wonder of this unique project.

Our culture is rich with extraordinary intellectual and artistic creations from generations of our ancestors, enriched by creations and contributions happening each day all around us. It is within our power to nurture both creator and creation.

You are a creator—and now is a time to gather your power to create and also inspire the creators around you. You, too, have the power to lift up our field.

On behalf of the Solari team, I wish you the joys of creation as we move through the final quarter of 2018 and into a new year—and a new chapter in our free and inspired lives!

Catherine Austin Fitts

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